The i-observe app is built on international research on what really works to improve learning. i-observe supports observers and the observed to focus on the 5 building blocks of outstanding teaching:

  • Challenge and differentiation
  • Feedback
  • Classroom talk
  • Expectations and relationships
  • Skill development

Our unique sliders provides users descriptors of practice as well as giving teachers and observers guidance to help them evaluate the impact of teaching on learning.

i-observe offers you a suite of tools to promote high quality professional dialogue and improve teaching and learning

  1. Use i-observe walks to focus on one aspect of classroom practice in a range of classrooms or use it to shadow a pupil across the curriculum. How challenged, for example, is a more able pupil in your school?
  2. Use i-observe TAs to evaluate and develop the deployment, preparedness and practice of TAs
  3. Use i-observe challenge and differentiation CPD resources to audit, evaluate or improve classroom practice. These resources are designed to support teacher professional learning
  4. Use i-observe Early Years: a bespoke set of observation descriptors for use in the Early Years (select Early Years from ‘stage’ in the set up menu). i-observe 6th form will follow later this term
  5. Take photos to support work scrutiny, discuss classroom layout or pupil behaviour or interaction